Reach versus Reciprocity

Reach versus Reciprocity

Tracey Jones

This blog is for those of us who have sought out these groups yet failed to form a quality professional partnership. We have been taken by the transactors and not blessed by the transformers. Yet we instinctively know that great people beget great people, and we need to be in groups of individuals who have gone where we want to go. Like in love, we may get burned or have our hearts broken, yet we keep trying to find that one particular person who brings out the best version of us til death do us part. Too often, a "reach" feels more like a request for money in exchange for a good or service. How many times do we get the automatic sales pitch on LinkedIn or Facebook after connecting with someone! That’s not cross-pollinating; that self-promotion. Read more...

Are we living in a material world, or should I be a virtual girl?

I was on a conference call today with several tremendous individuals and the name Reid Hoffman came up. Reid is the founder of LinkedIn, which is t...

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