The Great Realization

The Great Realization

Tracey Jones
Throughout my leadership journey, I’ve heard one constant refrain--people are your greatest asset because they have within them the mind, heart, and spirit to do great things. Having worked with thousands of individuals over the past forty years of my professional life, I used to think, “well, that depends on which people you're talking about." Which brings us to the genuine question, is there an innate great encoded in every single human being? Do we have the seeds of success embedded into our DNA waiting patiently for the trigger that causes them to begin manifesting? I used to think the answer was ‘no,' but now I see it is ‘yes.'

Avoid the Clichés this Father’s Day

Although known for being a world class comedian, my father was the consummate pragmatist. His ability to blend the bitter with the sweet echoed in ...

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