The Peril of Apostasy: Preserving the Legacy in Leadership

In the dynamic realm of business and leadership, it's often tempting to chase after the allure of progress and innovation. Yet, amidst this pursuit, a perilous path exists—one that can lead to the demise of our legacy through apostasy.

Apostasy, defined as the abandonment or renunciation of a belief or principle, poses a significant threat to the very foundations upon which our businesses and organizations are built. When we stray from our core values, mission, and principles, we risk unraveling the legacy we've worked so hard to establish or have been entrusted to preserve.

Consider the analogy of a building erected on a solid foundation. As long as the foundation remains steadfast, the structure stands resilient against external pressures and challenges. However, any compromise to the foundation leaves the entire edifice vulnerable to collapse.

Similarly, in leadership, honoring the vision of our founding fathers—the pioneers who laid the groundwork for our organizations—is paramount. Veering from their principles can result in mission drift, where the organization loses its sense of purpose and direction.

Reflecting on my journey in leading a legacy business, I recall the profound impact of a valuable piece of advice: "Keep the DNA; Everything else is free to evolve." This wisdom, rooted in our trifecta of books, people, and faith, serves as a guiding principle for decision-making. It empowers me to balance preserving my father's legacy and forging my own path. Nothing enters our orbit unless it honors those three values. And anything that honors those three values in any way, shape, or form is free to become part of our growing identity.

Progress, I've realized, must be purposeful, collaborative, and synergistic. The harmonious integration of the old and the new fortifies our organization's resilience. Conversely, when one element supersedes the other, it heralds the onset of apostasy—a fate far worse than any business failure.

History is replete with cautionary tales of companies that strayed from their founders' visions only to meet with catastrophic consequences. In each instance, a departure from core principles, coupled with poor leadership decisions, culminated in financial ruin, tarnished reputations, and, in some cases, the collapse of entire organizations.

These sobering lessons underscore the imperative of remaining steadfast in our commitment to preserving the legacies entrusted to us. As leaders, it falls upon us to assemble a team of purists—individuals unwavering in their dedication to our organization's founding principles.

In a landscape characterized by perpetual change, evolution is essential. Yet, we must discern between evolution and apostasy. While the former embraces innovation within the framework of our core values, the latter signals a wholesale abandonment of those values—a path that inevitably leads to ruin.

Let us, therefore, draw wisdom from the annals of history and pledge to safeguard the legacies we've inherited. By anchoring ourselves in our principles and surrounding ourselves with kindred spirits, we can ensure that our organizations not only endure but thrive for generations to come.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to leadership excellence and steadfast support of the Tremendous legacy.

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We are free in everything in life, because of our Savior. His blood and reserection washes all our sins past, present and future from our lives. I really cannot see any reason we should be sad, or uncompassionate to others. We have every right to be happy and live life with joy. We need to forget the former things and the past. Happy Easter.



This is the truth, as wavering from the Bible can lead us into a dark place in our lives. We need to read and practice the Bible everyday to know the truth, stay happy, and stay out of trouble.

Happy Easter everyone!

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