When Your Vision is Opaque

We talk a lot about purpose. In the world of personal development, all roads lead back to definitiveness of purpose. We need to continue to hone that purpose because specialists make more money than general practitioners. We need to get crystal clear on who we are going after in our mission or ministry marketplace. After all, this is 2020, so we should be seeing with double clarity!

No one understands better than me the cost of over-complication in your life; giving without boundaries, fear of missing out, and failure to stay on point. I teach and preach the importance of dialing in your vision so you can drive it forward and resurrect the most authentic version of you. However, there are seasons in life where that overarching destination will be obscured, and you'll find yourself detouring away from the road set to deliver you to that final destination.

we may need to add another chapter to the narrative of our life before we can get to the rest of the story.

This is perfectly acceptable. Callings get buffeted by the winds of change, and that means we may need to add another chapter to the narrative of our life before we can get to the rest of the story. As an aviation enthusiast, I like to refer to this as life crabbing. To 'crab' is to point the plane's nose into the wind, either to the right or the left. The plane flies sideways, similar to how a crab walks.

Many life circumstances can cause this detour; aging parents, a family member's health issue, or a business closure or relocation, just to name a few. Our clarity gets a bit opaque during these times, and we may lose sight of our desired destination. But as long as we are doing everything to the utmost of our capability, we are still fulfilling our purpose. In the end, what we do is not as important as how we do it. If you are in a season where your clarity isn't so clear, may this truth keep you fulfilled and encouraged.



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jeremy mutzabaugh

jeremy mutzabaugh

I like thinking when I come to a crossroads where I never been before, to make a choice and stick with it, and not spend too much time choosing. I am on the fence right now about somethings with my future, but for sure I will be trying to do more traveling.



This really touched my heart this morning….thank you!

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