This week marked a first: I took all four of my pups for a presentation at Paxton Ministries in Harrisburg, PA. Our topic was How to Develop a Pawsitive Personality, and each of my canine companions had a unique “tail” to tell. We visited Paxton Ministries several times throughout the years so we knew we would encounter a welcoming and familiar crowd. Paxton Ministries provide affordable housing for adults who may be challenged with poverty, mental illness, or intellectual disability. It is a joy and honor to serve and unleash the wonder dog in every underdog.

This presentation was especially poignant to me because after Mr. Blue passed in June 2014, I feared my days of four-legged teaching was over. The sight of my entire pack working the room filled my heart with joy; not double the blessing, not triple the blessing, but quadruple the blessing! The dogs each covered a personality trait that can make our lives richer and pawsitively impact those around us: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, and Agreeableness. We also covered Neuroticism, or “stinkin’ thinkin’” and how we needed to keep those negative thoughts and toxic influences out of our heads and hearts.

It was fascinating to watch how each of the attendees gravitated toward a particular pack member. Many of the women were smitten by the manners, grace, and beauty of Ruby Red. She shared her story about how she went from close-minded to open-hearted. While others were drawn to Indigo, the shy sheltie who broke out of his comfort zone to become the new leader of the pack. And then there was Roscoe the Rascal, the tenacious terrier who went from rule breaker to rule abider and became the “go-to good boy”! Lastly, we introduced the newest member, Goliath, the gentle giant who went from annoying little brother to agreeable littermate in six months!

As an added blessing, I got to meet the Chaplain whose position is funded by donations from Tremendous Leadership. This giving is made possible by the wonderful supporters who purchase from us and spread the word. And just when I thought it couldn't get any sweeter, a gentleman who had sat quietly through the entire presentation in the back of the room, approached me. He heard my father speak at graduation in Steelton when he was a junior in high school. This speech had to be close to sixty years ago, and he still remembered the address. My father invited him to a Christian Business Man's meeting, and the gentleman said my father gave him "no less than six hugs before he ever got to his seat." The pack of humanity hits home again.

How can these many blessings flow out of a one-hour gathering? When you have an open heart, and approach each day as a vessel to be poured out, anything can happen. But it’s the sweet, furry faces of the Pups O’ Publishing that got everyone gathered and ready to learn. After all, who doesn’t realize that dogs have it all figured out and if we just embraced more of their personality traits, we’d have a more pawsome life as well.

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