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is “miracle worker” on your resume?

Posted on 28 June 2011

lightofgodAnyone who doesn’t believe in miracles is not a realist. - David Ben-Gurion

Wikipedia defines a miracle as an unlikely but beneficial event, often attributed to divine intervention. But have you considered that the divine intervention is you? Do we pass up the chance to perform and receive a miracle many times a day?

You can bestow a smile or kind word that gives someone the strength to carry on during a tough day. You can give someone a book that contains all the answers they are looking for. You can make an introduction that ignites a lifelong partnership. You can share an experience that gives someone the strength to get through the same thing. You can say “yes” rather than immediately saying “no”. You can share your knowledge with someone who is seeking direction. You can leave an extra tip that helps someone pay the monthly bills.

Did you also know that every opportunity is a miracle? When God gives you the opportunity to answer your own prayer, it is the opportunity that is the God-given answer to your prayer.

There was a flood in a village. One man said to everyone, "I'll stay! God will save me!" The flood got higher and a boat came and the man in it said "Come on, mate, get in!" "No," replied the man. “God will save me!” The flood got very high now and the man had to stand on the roof of his house. A helicopter soon came and the pilot offered him help. "No, God will save me!" he said. Eventually he died by drowning. He got by the gates of heaven and he said to God, "Why didn't you save me?"God replied, "For goodness sake! I sent a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want!!!"

What if we lived our lives as if our sole purpose on earth was to perform miracles in the lives of others? What if we make it a priority to always seek to add value and not just to entertain? What if we really grasped that we’re not just here to major in the minors, but to make it to the big leagues? What if, rather than waiting for something to be done, we seized the day and realized that each opportunity was exactly the answer we were looking for?

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  • traceyjones: February 20, 2016

    Thanks Laura, I appreciate it. Think how rich our lives would be! I get a thrill thinking about it. Now, I’ve just got to concentrate on doing it more and more:-)

  • Jeff Peyton: February 20, 2016

    I really appreciate your message today!

  • Laura Stocker: February 20, 2016

    Wow – Tracey – just WOW. I think the sentence that really has me thinking is “What if we lived our lives as if our sole purpose on earth was to perform miracles in the lives of others?”

  • traceyjones: February 20, 2016

    Thanks so much Jeff!

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