original-batmobileSummer movies bring out the newest cadre of action heroes as their worshipers flock to fill the cool, dark theaters to escape reality and the dog days of summer. Mere mortals fret, but those who take action have been bumped up to the level of super hero. More and more, I get asked about how to move past your fears and find what your true passion or purpose is in life. The days of any type of job security or pension, real estate appreciation or return on investment are gone, gone, gone, like a bat into the night. We are now living in Gotham City. Anyone who’s lived their life void of taking action has been living in Gotham City all along. They just didn’t realize it. When you don’t make your own decisions or create your own future, you don’t own it. There are a couple of commandments you must embrace before getting your cape and boots. Life may be uncertain but it is predictable. “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week” (Gen GS Patton). Fear and faith cannot co-exist. Pick one now. Clarity is a myth. “Accept life, and you cannot accept regret” (Henri Frederic Amiel). Your super power is not perfect vision, it’s taking action. Kapow! It is not stopping bullets, it’s deflecting doubt and leaping over obstacles in a single bound. Bam! Want to vanquish the evil power of Fear? Don’t just stand there, suit up and do something! Sock! It’s time to stop revving up your Batmobile and shove it into gear!
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You’re kidding?? That’s amazing Tony:-) That is really tremendous timing! I can’t wait to listen to the interview. Thanks so much for posting the link here. And let’s set up a time for the True Blue interview. WE can’t wait:-)

Tony Michalski

Tony Michalski

Hi Tracey!

Here’s something serendipitous: On Monday, I interviewed Fireball Tim Lawrence. He’s the “Hollywood Car Designer” who designed that BatMobile! I’ll be posting that interview at http://www.tuneinunlockattain.com in the next few days. He spoke a LOT about what you wrote here: How to find your passion and do what you love in life. THANKS for writing this, Tracey. It’s excellent and inspiring as usual.

Have fun … Tony.

PS – When do I get to interview you and Mr. Blue? :-)

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