president-abraham-lincon-reading-with-his-last-sonGrowing up, I had the pleasure of traveling with my father to many of his speaking engagements. He was one of the most animated, pragmatic and energetic individuals ever. I would interact with the crowds after his speeches and would repeatedly get asked the same question: “Is he always like that?” We seem to disbelieve that anyone can be that up ALL the time. Life is tough at times so how can anyone be that consistently happy? The answer was “yes”. His stage presence was not an act. Thank God he had that outlet so he could vent some of his enthusiasm into the atmosphere. There was only so much positivity we could take at home! The source of this unbridled enthusiasm was a healthy diet of reading great books and interacting with great people. It also was the direct result of his constant pouring out. When you pour it out, you will be replenished. The more he gave, the more he got. He would shovel out books, smiles, hugs and witticisms like it was his last day on Earth. Do you look at “upbeat” people who seem to “have it all together” and think, “I wish I could be more like them!” You can. Want to exude more positivity and energy? Ingest more of it. Be sure you make healthy choices about what and who you watch, read, hear and say. What comes out of you is a direct reflection of what’s going in. If you want to be confident in whatever life throws your way, you’ve got to be in a constant state of learning. If you want to be calm when great losses happen to you, you’ve got to feed your heart and soul. Just like the old 60’s song, “what goes up, must come down”, never forget that what goes in, must come out. What’s coming out of you and are you always like that?
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