kicking1During my dog, Mr. Blue’s, recent book tour, we set up tents and tables at each city to display his book and other marketing pieces. We had a banner with our logo on it which we hung on the back of one of the tents. At the one-year anniversary of my father, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones’, home going, we rebranded the company to include what we affectionately call the “kicking-man logo”. This outline was symbolic of my father’s classic stance where he would declare “Life Is Tremendous!” and “I’m so tired of being happy it’s wearing me out!” In St. Louis, a woman ran up to our booth exclaiming that she almost got in a car wreck when she saw the logo and whipped a U-turn to come and see if we were who she thought we were. Turns out she had heard my father speak many times throughout her young career. In Austin, the local fire marshal came into the facility where we were holding our event to do a cursory check for emergency exits, looked at the logo, and exclaimed, “Hey, I know who that is! I read that book 25 years ago!” So what’s the sign you’ll be recognized by long after you’re gone? Is it the cross, love, or heroism? Or is it the mighty dollar, a fabulous sports car, or a business empire? We are what we focus on, where we decide to dedicate our resources during our time on this Earth. Some of the signs we invest in will last throughout eternity and will be honored for generations to come. Pericles said, “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” So what’s your sign?
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