Thank you!Thanks to YOU, 2016 is our 51st year in business! When my father, Charlie "Tremendous" Jones went home over seven years ago I had no idea our journey would not only continue but accelerate. We have sold millions of books and spoken to thousands of audiences, but none of it would have happened without the help of our tremendous friends and customers. We have created our first ever e-zine designed to be a source of positivity and continuous learning for our tremendous community and would be honored if you would join our mailing list so that we can stay in better touch with you. If you would have told me what the past seven years would be like I would have fainted from fear. It’s been really hard, but totally worth it. We went through several rebrandings and website redesigns, archived decades of my father’s material, weathered a seismic shift in our customer base, and experienced the incremental unfolding of our new purpose. We have remained debt free and able to donate to some incredibly special organizations to the tune of one million dollars.

So what’s next?

Our team read The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber at the close of 2015. Fresh on the heels of downsizing to a more efficient, smaller facility, we were pruned and poised to further explore how we may provide greater value for you. We came up with several key initiatives: Tremendous Tracey: My father was recognized as one of the top 25 legends of personal development. I not only admired him, but I learned from him. I’ve got 35 years of professional experience in four major industries and can speak your organizational language. I would love the opportunity to create content for your group (or for a one-on-one coaching session) whether it’s for training, motivation, speaking, leadership development, recognition, or life skills. Click here to visit website. Talking Tremendous Tuesdays at 10 pm: Last month we launched our first-ever free weekly webinar which covers a variety of leadership and motivational topics. You can dial/call in live or replay the event at a later time. So far the response has been tremendous! Have a listen and let us know what you think. 4-Legged Leadership: We are taking our leadership youth programs to a whole new level. Starting in April, we will include financial literacy training along with our leadership and self-esteem classes. And of course, the pups of publishing are always in attendance to charm the young leaders. Drop us a line if you’d like us to come to your school assembly or summer program! Website Redesign: Within the next few weeks we will unveil the new Tremendous Leadership and Tremendous Tracey websites. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about their ease of navigation and if they capture your interest. We want to make your visit to our websites as tremendous as possible! Please drop us a line at about any of these initiatives or any other ideas that you might have. We love to hear from you. Together we can change the world one person at a time!

Coming Soon!

Front Cover SmallerIndy wants to take his family to Doggy World! But a trip to Doggy World costs a lot of money. Will Indy earn the $1,000.00 he needs before the summer is over? Find out this April! Please "like" “Tremendous Leadership” and “Indigo Jones” on Facebook to keep up with Boxcar Indy and get exciting previews of his new book!  
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