I'm So Tired of Being Happy......It's Wearing Me Out!!

My father famously said, “Atmosphere doesn’t come out of thin air. Somebody has to create atmosphere!” Many of us drift through careers and relationships wondering how they are going to make us feel as if we are at an oxygen bar sampling its wares. What we fail to understand is that we are the originators of the very thing we are looking for. If you want a better atmosphere at work, create it! If you want a more open and harmonious atmosphere in your home, create it!

I used to do a little routine with my father growing up. He’d call me up on stage and ask me how I was doing, to which I’d reply, “Tremendous!” Then he’d ask me how things were going, and I’d shake my head from side to side and explain, “I hope things don’t get any better!” To which he’d query “Why?”, and I would triumphantly shout, “Because I’m so tired of being happy… it’s wearing me out!!!”

Now there have been many times in my life when I have not felt tired of being happy. In fact, there are times when I wasn’t sure if I could go on living another day, that my heart was decimated because of some type of betrayal, and that everything I tried to do right was met with resistance and hostility. But the one thing I did was keep a smile on my face and behave as if I was, indeed, so tired of being happy it was wearing me out.

Some may say that’s just a lie I told myself to get through the day, a trick of the mind. I disagree. If you believe that adversity holds the seeds of greatness, then every day I felt I couldn’t go on meant that one day in the future I would achieve success greater than I ever dreamed.  I was being forged for hardness, strength, flexibility and balance. So why not be happy? Why not create an atmosphere of happiness around you for others to enjoy? It’s just a matter of time and the sooner you start creating it, the sooner you get to enjoy it!

I once got a job because the selection committee said they greatly admired my enthusiasm and energy. What they meant was they were confident that I would create the type of atmosphere their organization and people needed in order to succeed and thrive. So what are you waiting for? Do you know how much your employer or family is waiting for someone to breathe some new atmosphere into the workplace or home? Don’t be a sucker; be a creator!!


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Fred Bomonti

Fred Bomonti

I miss (as I am sure you do) being able to pick up the phone and ask your dad to stop praying for me because I had all the problems I could handle at the moment. He always knew who I was( or pretened to) and I always ended up with at least $100 worth of books.
He made a fantastic, wonderful, impact on my life, my wife’s life and my children’s lives.

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