Owning 2017

I have been waiting for this year for some time. 2015 was rough, 2016 was tough, but now we get to look forward with anticipation at what 2017 holds for us. As usual, there’s been much change in my world. However, the one truth that resonates through my head, creating a crescendo that must ring out in the New Year is this one singular note: OWN. You have got to do some serious soul searching to determine if you have the drive and desire to own something and not let it own you. You have to be honest with yourself about whether this event, job, book, or person is worthy of your precious time. Owning 2017 is about creating healthy boundaries so that you stay true to your life’s purpose. If you do not own it, this year is going to be another amalgamation of busyness without productivity, and ideas without results.

So what is owning it really about? It’s about clarity. It’s about honesty. It’s about getting alone to hear what you’re supposed to do next. It’s about reviewing what you have on your meal plate and having the discernment to dismiss what’s cold, unappetizing, or spoiled. You cannot begin 2017 if you are not ready to own it like it’s your last year on earth.  Here’s an acronym to help you begin this crucial process so you can drive 2017 and not let it drive you.

O – Originate It

Originating it is all about having the hustle and drive to create your desired future. So many times we sit back and let events direct us. Our response defines the outcome, not vice versa. Are you open to trying things in a new way? Are you aware that reverse engineering is no longer doable with today’s speed of technology? Do you realize that if you see the bandwagon, it’s already too late? Are you going to stop mimicking what others are doing and find out what truly works for you? Creative momentum is an entirely different animal than residual momentum. What worked well in the past no longer a viable option. The future belongs to those who create it, not those who learn to live and operate within the preconceived boundaries. Abductive thinking involves a leap in imagination and visualization that is scarcely warranted by what can be seen. Are you ready to march to the beat of a drummer that only you can hear?

W – Want It

How bad do you want it? Eric Thomas has a great quote, “When you want to succeed as bad you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Are you doing what you’re doing because you want to or because it’s what you’re expected to do? My father never asked me to come back and run the business because he knew it had to be my decision. If I didn’t want it, it would never survive under my watch. I had to make the decision and make it mine. Otherwise, when the going got tough, I’d feel resentment against my father because I had taken the job because he asked me and he was no longer around to deal with the heart and headaches of running a business. This is where the proverbial “soul searching” comes in. What do you really want out of life? Until you get clarity on this issue, you won’t own life; life will own you. When you are so focused on a scent that you forget to eat, when you have no concept of the passage of time and hit the pillow knowing you gave it your all; that’s when you know you truly want it.

N – Need It

I know, we often say we want something but do we really need it. But I’m talking about real need and not artificial pleasures. A defined want provides you the drive, while a met need allows you to thrive. When it comes to owning it, you won’t be committed to it if you don’t need it. It’ll be a broken resolution shortly after the shine wears off, like so many other things we start and fail to finish. That’s because we don’t truly see or have a need for it. I need challenge. I need to be continuously unlearning and relearning. I need change. Others are the complete opposite. They need more peace and stability. Their idea of owning it will take on a different focus. But it’s all about being self-aware. You have to know what you need to function best. Carl Jung said, “The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” And you have to respect yourself enough to stop anything that does not coincide with your values and needs. Meet those needs so we aren’t just alive, but can truly thrive.

My hope for all of us in 2017 is that we have the courage and clarity to create our best possible future. May we surround ourselves with tremendous people and books so we can continue to unlock the path to prosperity. And may we own 2017 and let it not own us!!


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I love this Tracey! You have accurately articulated what many of us struggle with every day. The answer to what motivates us is built on what owns us and in the case for faith “who” owns us! Keep the faith! Keep the fight!

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