Don't Waste Your Breath on a Stiff-Neck

Don't Waste Your Breath on a Stiff-Neck

Tracey Jones
Nothing you do as a leader to try and help the individual will register with them because their focus is inward. I have worked in numerous entities of all sizes across the globe over the past forty years. I have been in countless personal and familial groupings as well. Unfortunately, I have experienced this type of hard-hearted resistance across all sizes and types of industry, as well as nationality. As leaders, our instinct is to try and fix the issue. You can't fix it because we are responsible to people and not for people.

Are you Slacktose Intolerant?

Offer the lazy an egg, and they'll want you to peel it for them. - A Proverb Slacktose intolerance, also called loser phobia and hypomalaisa, is ...

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