Taking Stock: Life Lessons I've Learned This Year

As the year comes to a close, I like to reflect back over the months passed on the biggest life lessons I’ve had the good fortune to learn. I judge a year by how much transformation has occurred in my life and, by all standards, 2017 was a record breaker. 

I learned who I need to have in my life and, just as importantly, who I need to not have in my life. I learned that I can only be as successful as the people with whom I surround myself. I learned that an acquaintance is not the same as an advocate and that I need to invest my time and energy in the latter. You can’t bring the great into your life until you clear out the clutter and make room for it. If there’s one New Year’s resolution to make for 2018, it’s this one. 

I learned that when you chase grace, it becomes elusive. Grace is undeserved favor and too often we burn ourselves out by not allowing for time to ease into it. I learned to relax and make room for all of the wonderful people in my life who were waiting for me to recognize their offers of help; to invite them in. I learned to recognize the blessings all around me and live in a state of not just positivity, but intense gratitude. 

I learned that my adrenal gland was shot. After years of feeling tired and joyless, I had bloodwork done and found there was indeed a root cause of the issue. Who knew there could be such relief in finding clarity? Now I could also find a solution! I have an advocate who recommended an over-the-counter supplement that got me back to my old tremendous self. I learned that we are still flesh and blood and no matter how spiritually, professionally, and personally healthy we are, you have to take care of your body. 

I learned that three dogs were not enough and adopted a fourth into my pack. He did his first event at an elementary school this past week and was a natural. For those of you that haven’t met Goliath, he is similar to Mr. Blue in appearance and temperament. I went through a low-grade depression after losing Mr. Blue in 2014. When I met Goliath this past August, I knew that the soul hole left by Blue’s passing was about to be filled. 

After all the opinions about Millennials, this past year I wrote a book about them AND brought several of them into my life. One as a roommate and “au paw” as I like to say, the other as a personal assistant. They’ve become my surrogate kids and were instrumental in my finishing this year strong. I also had the opportunity to take five female Millennials away for a long weekend to share a lifetime of my experience while also holding a mirror up for them to better visualize their own strengths, gifts and life paths. It was so tremendous we’re making it an annual event. 

I learned, after being back nine years, that I am more confident and joyful than ever that the tremendous community we have built together is going to move in ways we can’t even imagine in 2018. I learned to stop operating from a place of what I need and start opening up to what I already have. Of my many blessings, I have your support and encouragement and I learned in 2017, that is more than enough.



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