Tremendous Companies Read Tremendous Books

Last week I was prepping a large pallet of books to ship to one of our clients and searching for a freight carrier. Every modern day business is incredibly competitive, and I send out bids assessing convenience, price, customer service, and ease of transaction. One of our printers in the Mid-West has been shipping inbound to us via a freight company called YRC. My team agreed we should see if we should use them for our outbound business as well. I contacted YRC and was extremely impressed by the professionalism, can-do attitude, and coordination skills of the customer service representative.

Yes, they got the job and then Gina Bream, the fabulous customer service rep, sent me this picture attached to an email (image on the right) that read, "I'm a fan!" Wow, it all made sense! That incredible sense of customer service that went so far beyond what I expected. Tremendous companies read tremendous books and create tremendous interactions with their customers! Is your company in a reading program? It's the surest and most cost-effective way to raise the organizational bar. My father taught me early on that we don't grow close by doing things together; we develop by thinking things together. I'm sure many of you have been forced into mandatory fun where the goal was to get you all more collaborative and cohesive. In my professional history, this has only served to create awkward gatherings and wasted precious company resources.


Companies that read together get to hear what their co-workers think, what type of follower their leader is looking for, and the tools to be genuine top-notch individuals, and then organizations. You cannot evolve to a first-rate entity through performance alone. Today’s modern day commerce is fiercely competitive and constantly changing, and there is no shortage of first-rate deliverers. What will set your company apart is their willingness to be developed. That's where tremendous books come into play.

Contact us if you'd like help getting a reading program started. We even have discussion questions to help you facilitate learning. If you would want —or think you need—some assistance in convincing your team of the value of reading, check out our Life-Changing Classic, Books Are Tremendous, by book evangelist, Charlie “T” Jones. I first read this gem when I came back to run the business over ten years ago, and it triggered my understanding of the transformative power of the written word! I literally fell in love with books after reading this classic, and you will too.

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Reading is always way better than forcing your employees into a meeting. This is safer and non threatening. Employees have told me they actually enjoy reading it if it is a new policy or act vs meeting together and listening to someone else barking out the agenda for two hours. You would just need to get the employee to sign off on a sheet stating that they did read the book.

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