Cognitive Compound Interest

Albert Einstein once said, "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it; he who doesn't pays it". While some people question whether the quote was, in fact, from Einstein, the power of compound interest is unquestionable.

Here’s an interesting example. If you were to be given a sum of money after 30 days, which option would you choose?

  1. $1 million in one go
  2. One cent now, and its amount will double every day for the coming 30 days, i.e., it will become 2 cents tomorrow, 4 cents the day after tomorrow, 8 cents two days after tomorrow, and so on…

Most people would go for the $1 million option as it is hard to imagine that 1 cent doubling 30 times will become $5,368,709.12! But it does! This example shows the power of compound interest - your principal would accumulate with interest earned during the investment period, yielding more returns. The longer the investment period, the more you will benefit from compound interest.

Compound interest isn’t just a principle about money; it's a tremendous growth activator for your mind! Like the financial growth described above, personal growth isn't linear; it's exponential. Just as interest makes interest, knowledge makes knowledge! So let’s get into the habit of monetizing our minds and building bucks with our brains.

When you actively read, you analyze and synthesize. Therefore critical thinking and strategic planning are simultaneous and complementary. Everything we read; we think about; then apply. Just like your money grows in a saving vehicle, so does knowledge when deposited into your cranial vault.

Benjamin Franklin described it this way: "Money makes money. And the Money that Money makes, makes money." That is the simplest explanation of compound interest you'll ever hear.

I would go on to say, "Knowledge makes Knowledge. And the Knowledge that makes Knowledge, makes Knowledge." We learn by using the known to discover the unknown to build on our existing body of information. So if you are looking for answers, you must first expand your knowledge base.

It's that simple. The real question is, how much are you willing to invest in yourself? Judging from the reality that most folks don't even invest long-term for their physical needs, the prospects look dim.

But I'm writing to my tremendous tribe, which already sees and understands the value of cognitive compound interest! That 30 minutes a day you spend reading will double itself every time you repeat it. Every word, concept, discovery, question, and thought you're 'saving' mentally begins to multiply. And think about what can happen if you commit to an hour, or two, or three! Yes, it can be done! Your mind will be so full of light and hope; you'll be floating in the atmosphere of freedom and truth!

I hope this analogy encourages you to commit to the greatest resolution of all time: The Resolution of Personal Development. Anytime spent on reading gives you a return in another form. And we have the tremendous resources to help you achieve this goal and pay eternal dividends!

Our tremendous books, courses, podcasts, and presentations are ready and able to help your mind become the best it can be. All these wonderful words need is a mind willing to pick them up, read them, digest and apply them.

One of our new releases--which continues to be one of our best-sellers--is Choices: Your Life is the Result of the Accumulated Choices You Make, by Dr. Roland Hughes. Dr. Hughes contends that the choice to be developed is one of the three most important choices you'll ever make. Preach, brother Roland! We love and live that tremendous truth!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Establish a knowledge delivery system by signing up for our newsletter and downloading/purchasing tremendous products.
  2. Enlarge your circle of competence by listening to our podcast and signing up for our courses or one-on-one coaching.
  3. Evolve your way of thinking by getting involved in ministry and volunteer work so you can share tremendous truths with others and continue to apply them in your life. A life of service yields the highest rate of return of all!

And be sure and stay tuned for our New Year's Day email, where we will have a fantastic one-time offer to get you on your way to Cognitive Compound Interest!

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Great post, thanks for sharing. Love how you call out that compound interest is for more than just finance. Investing in yourself is the most powerful thing you can do. For the finance side of things I did find a cool little calculator that helps play with various scenarios and visualise them:

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