The Gift of Certainty

I scratch my head when people lament that we live in uncertain times. Can anyone recollect a time in the annals of human existence when there wasn’t a high degree of uncertainty? Even in times of relative peace and prosperity, there are still plenty of unknowns lurking around every corner and hiding in the shadows: death, illness, loss, layoffs, natural disasters, etc.

The only thing that can combat uncertainty is truth. The problem for many is that truth has lost its power in our moral relativistic sliding scale of whatever goes for whomever, whenever. Many go so far as to claim there is no truth, which always made me chuckle because that statement is intended to stand as truth.

But what if you could live your life in absolute certainty, free from any hand-wringing, fear, or self-doubt. Wouldn't that be tremendous? Well, you can IF you can live your life based on truth. Now the next obvious question is, "what is truth?" I reply, "Truth is not a what; it's a who."

Who do you put your trust in? Is it the media? Academia? The government? The church? Social media influencers? Horoscopes? If so, you've got a real problem. The issue with the entities mentioned above is that they shift. Therefore they cannot be the truth because truth is fixed and immutable. They compromise. Consequently, they cannot be the truth because truth is absolute and non-negotiable.


No wonder so many are riddled with anxiety and suffer from hopelessness. They focus their eyes on a comet rather than the North Star, a flicker rather than the flame. The reason Christmas is so spectacular isn’t just that God came and lived among us (although that reality is beyond comprehension). It’s that we can live in absolute certainty that the God who spoke the universe into existence took human form and lived among us. And that he left a record in his divinely inspired word of the Father's unchanging nature and plan for every one of us. He said he'd come, and he did! And Christmas is a celebration of that promise and truth.

This Christmas, give yourself the greatest gift of all. The realization of who truth is and what that belief can do in your life. Absolute certainty. Unconditional love. Eternal life. Unlimited joy. Unwarranted mercy. Abounding grace. Unending forgiveness. Tremendous truth. Of these things, I am certain. It is my hope and prayer that you will be too!





The only thing that does not change is the Creator/ Lord Himself. The author and finisher of my faith. We are going to go through dark times as long as we are alive, but these issues cannot move the person of truth. What we experience on this side of eternity will not ever compare to the Heaven side of life. Death is not the end, and my belief is as we go through this life, we should be the happiest creatures above ground. God created earth for US to enjoy. There are so many other things he created for us as well..horses, fish, oceans, dogs, zoos, other people for friendships, mountains, music..we really don’t have any good reason to not be enjoying our lives!



This kind of truth ( the only truth), will never fail you. It is a truth that will cause a peace that tran sends all understanding. We need to quit stressing, worrying and start living life. When life challenges us to live and live hard, we need to take the challenge and bury it. Love your life.

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