Empowering the World: A Message That Transcends Time and Boundaries

Last month, I had the honor of serving as the Master of Ceremonies at a distinguished event held at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The gathering brought together 150 leaders and supporters from both the military and the financial services sector to confer the highest honor upon a Soldier-Citizen who exemplified leadership and service both in and out of uniform. The convergence of these two significant aspects of my life, the transformative impact of the military on my professional journey and its influence on my father's life insurance career, filled me with joy.


Currently, I hold the esteemed position of Advisory Council Chair for The Center for Military and Veterans Affairs at The American College of Financial Services. Our primary objective is to raise awareness and financial support for military members, their spouses, and disabled veterans transitioning from the military to their next career in the financial services sector. Below L to R is President and CEO George Nichols III, Executive Director for the Center, Ret CMSGT of the Air Force Jim Roy, Ret Lt/Gen Michelle Johnson, Soldier-Citizen Award Recipient Ret Admiral Mike Mullen, and Advisory Council board member and Ret Colonel, Gregory Gadson. 

The American College of Financial Service, George Nichols, with

Having witnessed firsthand the positive impact that working for Mutual of New York (MONY) had on my father as a young professional, husband, and father, I understand how it provided him with the freedom to flourish in a career that taught him leadership, team-building, and the ability to empower others for a secure retirement and the well-being of their loved ones. Similarly, my personal experience in serving our great country in uniform reinforced the honorable and service-oriented nature of both career fields, ensuring the freedom and protection of our citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

In acknowledgment of these honorable professions, I would like to recommend one of our perennial best-sellers, A Message to Garcia. We consistently sell tens of thousands every year to various professionals, including police departments, teachers, professors, insurance agents, real estate professionals, military members, and social workers, among others.

This concise piece cuts right to the heart of living life freely and fully: when faced with a task, just do it. It's a simple yet profound message. A Message to Garcia recounts the story of an American soldier entrusted with delivering a crucial message to a leader of Cuban rebel forces during the Spanish American War. The soldier, according to Hubbard's account, delivered the urgent missive without questions, complaints, or hesitation.

The book teaches valuable lessons on excelling at your job by embodying dedication and maintaining a positive attitude towards any tasks assigned by your company. Whether you're a soldier or a civilian, we are all citizens of wherever we find ourselves serving. This foundational truth is what the world needs.

My personal connection to A Message to Garcia was so impactful that it inspired my book, A Message to Millennials, where I aimed to share the essence of followership with the next generation of emerging leaders. Additionally, I've recorded a free webinar for you to enjoy about this life-changing classic.

I strongly encourage you to pick up copies for your entire team. Its power is transformative, and everyone needs to hear this timeless message, encouraging them to commit to doing the job at hand and contributing to making the world a more tremendous place.


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