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This month I share with one of my favorite groups of people—WOMEN! And not just any women, but Women of the World (WOW). The beauty and joy of what I have the honor of being in life, is sharing timeless truths that allow each of us to become and live out the most tremendous versions of ourselves.

I grew up in a man’s world. I was the only girl in my Sunday School class, in my neighborhood, and at many of my father’s speaking engagements. This lifelong integration was so organic I became comfortable with and respected by the opposite sex from an early age and into adulthood. I learned everything from them—how men of character spoke, led, served, and conducted their businesses and lives. When it was time to leave home as a young adult, I chose military schools and worked in male-dominated industries to hone my leadership chops and grow professionally.

It wasn’t until I put my entrepreneurial cloak on decades later I began observing a significant shift in the demographics of meetings and events I attended. I never considered myself a women’s speaker exclusively, because the lessons I’ve learned are not gender unique. Plus, I had countless incredible men pour into me and continue to do so. I realized early in life I would not be anywhere close to where and what I was today without the influx of a variety of perspectives.

But this month, for the first time, I find myself in front of three groups of women from across the globe. Next week I travel to Kampala, Uganda, hosted by my dear friend, fellow scholar, and founder of the Pastor’s Discipleship Network, Dr. Richmond Wandera. I have two days of sharing with tremendous Women of Influence who are changing their country and culture in remarkable ways. Later in the month, I find myself back in my home state of Pennsylvania where I am meeting with the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) new chapter for female entrepreneurs called Women Excelling. I then finish up April with a trip out to Quincy, IL for a Women in Leadership retreat hosted by my dear friend and fellow leader Chamber Director, LaTonya Brock. And even though it's not until May, I have to share another tremendous women's group I'll be sharing with, and that's the Women in Energy Conference where they connect and empower women in the energy industry.

I am delighted to share with my fellow women leaders and culture crafters from across the globe. I am also thrilled to connect with so many of my stateside sisters as we cultivate our leadership skills and collectively raise up our emerging daughters. Although I grew up in a man’s world, I am ecstatic to see how women have come into their own in a universe filled with infinite and collaborative opportunities that bring out the best in all of us.

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Amey Sgrignoli

Amey Sgrignoli

Thank you for being an outstanding role model for women in all seasons of their leadership journey!



Have a great time, Tracey. Most of my best models have been females. I have had a few awesome male teachers through my school years, one that really floored me with how he taught. I learned some great things from a couple males in my chain of command at a prior workplace, but as far back as my high school years, I have really learned a lot of good things from the other gender. I had classes with several girls in high school that were awesome and sincere to talk to. I appreciated this as I was changing from special education to mainstream classes. I watched a select number of women in the college years, picking up leadership skills by how they worked as aides to teachers or acted as tutors. I watched as one famous woman did an awesome job singing. Later on in life I watch as woman after woman started to emerge in different companies in leading type of positions including sales and public speaking.

Too many times men will jump to conclusions that women should not do men’s work. This is ludicrous. I have seen women excel much higher than most men in " men’s work" and this includes confronting problems, critical thinking, public speaking, getting shy people to break their chains. I have learned some good things from men, but over a thirty year period, a lot of the problem solving/ defending/ pro active/ talking to other people skills I have picked up have come from women. Now because of this, I have in the past, and still do, approach people I want to get to know and start conversations with them. This is something that in my pre high school years I would not have done. Thank you, women, for stepping up and holding your own to the " man dominated" world. I have seen time after time that women can and will exceed men in their own turf.

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