The Anointed Call of Leadership

We are thrilled to release our 32nd Life-Changing Classic - the first one to feature a female leader! A peasant girl, an agent of God, a heroine of France, and a canonized saint, Joan of Arc possessed seven virtues that enabled her to make history. She was a humble citizen turned military leader who took no title other than the Maid, rising up at a time of great social and political upheaval. This foundation was poured by the God-given anointing of leadership and cemented through history and circumstances.

strong leaders have strong identities

Virtue is the cornerstone of leadership. Joan possessed an intense clarity of personal identity and her singular purpose for being on this planet. Strong leaders have strong identities. She stepped out of the masses in every context possible to fulfill her divine purpose, all while still a teen whose illustrious career lasted just one year. Her life was cut short by traitorous leaders and ineffective politicians. Joan’s leadership journey is rife with lessons for all of us, and today's leaders and emerging leaders would do well to study her life and actions.

The 7 Leadership Virtues of Joan of Arc by Peter Darcy shares the convictions exemplified by this young leader, who paid the ultimate price of leadership when she was convicted of heresy and burned at the stake still in her teens. Her leadership mission came into focus when she was just thirteen years old and visited by angels igniting her spiritual formation and her missional foundation in faith. Joan was willing to accept the call to do battle with the blasphemers in her country. As a member of God’s army, she held high a banner declaring her identity as a Christian soldier and seal of confidence in the divine nature of her mission. She uncovered and carried the sword of Charles Martel in reverence to the French nation's first savior. Her horse enabled her mobility, her white coat of armor gave her a menacing look on the battlefield, and her vibrant femininity stood out in stark contrast to the world of men. She rode with the authority of a real leader, dispensing hope to all the citizens of France. She was given no official commission yet possessed an infinite amount of influence among her people. Lastly, she led with her heart and firm conviction in God, insisting that all soldiers and allies submit to the almighty to call down His divine power. 

Read this gem and learn about the core virtues that make great leaders. May Joan’s example enable you to generate hope and inspiration in the lives of those you're leading. Here's to raising the next generation of anointed and virtuous leaders!

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jeremy mutzabaugh

jeremy mutzabaugh

A teenager and leading like this. This read should be able to encourage all of us. I think a key to confidence like this, is to all be happy in everything we are going through. Think of everyone as God’s sons & daughters, rather than always looking to get angry and find fault with everyone.

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