Couldn’t We All Use Some Therapy

Everyone should be in therapy. It’s good for the body, mind, and soul. It helps unpack baggage and enables us to deconstruct the mysteries that vex us in life. In The Three Therapies of Life, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones shares practical and applicable ways to heal yourself so you can continue to impact others and change lives. I uncovered this material from a DVD I found. It was recorded back in the ’90s when my father was in his heyday (which was technically every day). In this message, he spoke to an audience of fellow speakers and presenters at the National Speakers Association (NSA). His words rang truer to my ears and heart than they ever had before. I guess I needed some “Tremendous” therapy.

This Life-Changing classic is pure “Tremendous;” real, down-to-earth, humorous, and spoken from the heart. In a world where it so often appears that everyone is having the best day of their life and has it all figured out, my father lets us know it’s okay if you’re not. He is a practitioner of the highest order. He has changed so many lives because he has lived so many lives. His compassion for sharing others’ heartaches while exhorting and giving them the means to overcome them are the ties that bind all of us together. His signature “tell it like it is” style, coupled with some timeless truths, make this little gem one that you’ll turn to for years to come. Let these three therapies minister to your life. They’re free, they’re universal, and they’re guaranteed. These therapies will speak to you in your walk and help you process your own unique situation.

they're free, they're universal, and they're guaranteed

Life is a flowing river that’s constantly changing. The broken heart is the one that is open to therapy. When I think of my father, I do not envision the consummate success or famous speaker. What I do see and hear is a humble man who mastered the joy of longsuffering and used his gifting to exhort others to do the same. I hope that you see and hear it as well and that it blesses you.

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