Year of the Dog

The Chinese New Year began Feb. 16, which initiates the Year of the Dog. Those born in 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, and 2018 are also known as Dogs. Anyone born in an Earth Dog year will be communicative, serious, and responsible in the workplace. Ruff said. Two paws up!!

My first year of the dog was 2001 when my soul dog, Mr. Blue, appeared in my world. He arrived at a forlorn time in my life and when I held that little fuzzball in my hand, the tears stopped flowing and I engaged in life again. How could I not? I had this brilliant silvery black self-merle Aussie mix as my constant companion. People couldn’t get enough of him and neither could I.

In 2010, I released my first book, True Blue Leadership: Top Ten Way to Lead Your Pack which contained hound wisdom such as Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You, You Don’t Have to Have a Pedigree to Win Best in Show and Dealing With Life’s Vacuum Cleaners. Apparently, everyone else was begging for more books with a dog-centric theme teaching leadership and character qualities because I went on to publish five more books with my ever-growing pack of rescues (affectionately named the Pups O’ Publishing). The seventh one is on the way and it is geared toward teens and developing a pawsitive purrsonality. We even launched a publishing imprint called Pet Publishing for people who also have a pet with a story that will teach the world. Check out our newest release by Bulldog sensation Frankie!

You must admit, if dogs ruled the world it’d be a much more pawsome place. We’d slip into our designated pack roles, forget who or what hurt us, and live life in the moment with a profound sense of loyalty, love, and licks. I was a bit concerned when I first em”bark”ed on my literary career as a leadership expert, who wove hair of the dog into every life lesson thread possible, that people would think I had lost my doggone mind.

But none can deny the appeal, the exuberance, the unconditional love and pure companionship of (wo)man’s best friend. So, who better to learn from? They have a way of reaching into us in the most tender and unassuming ways. We can’t help but be warmed by their sweet, furry faces and vulnerable bellies begging to be rubbed. So, this Year of the Dog, get out there and work like one, play like one, break free from your leash and leap like one. Because everything you need in life to achieve success, can be learned directly from that “heart beat at your feet” (thank you Edith Wharton).

This Year of the Dog, let your life, literally and metaphorically, go to the dogs. We can show you bow-wow how.

Bring Tracey and her Pups O’ Publishing to your school or company event for a howling time of leadership, laughs, and learning at 4-Legged Leadership!



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