My Leadership Heroes: First Up...Martin Luther

October is one of my favorite months, but this one is extra tremendous. I am halfway through a 10-day excursion through Germany. Among the many incredible, historic sites we'll visit is Wittenberg, the place where Martin Luther changed the world 500 years ago when he nailed his 95 Theses to the church door. I have the good fortune of being accompanied by many church history enthusiasts on this trip, and I'm excited to hear the expert teaching of several scholars who are along for the trip as well.

Luther was, first and foremost, a devoted man with rock solid values. So convicted was he in his belief of the importance of an individual relationship with God, that he broke ranks with the very group that had raised him. Luther was a radical leader. He was not afraid to bring new truth to light and challenge the existing regime, even with the full knowledge that it would cost him dearly. Rather than be silent, he chose to publically and peacefully challenge the status quo. His fearlessness opened the way for multitudes to establish a personal relationship with God.


I am excited to be in this part of the world again. I spent many years living here when I was in the Air Force. That was over 25 years ago. A lot has changed since those days, and I am a transformed person in every possible way. So to be here in honor of a hero of mine at a time in my life when what he did becomes more real every single day is paradise. If you want to check out more about with Martin Luther did, now is an especially great time. Organizations, churches, schools, and historical societies are holding a myriad of events celebrating this legend.

Tremendous Leadership is also honoring this radical thinker and earth changer. Our latest Life-Changing Classic, Luther on Leadership, is written by Reformation Bible College President Dr. Steve Nichols and captured the five critical tenets of Luther's leadership. Grab some copies for everyone you know and watch the fires of reformation glow in your own life!

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Great post.

Our church just finished a series covering the five Solas

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