Tremendous Tracey

  • When Turkeys Fly…..

    Posted on October 07 2010


    We hear a lot about flightless animals that try to go airborne. When pigs fly, when monkeys fly, there are even some more colorful derivatives of this metaphor which symbolize the likelihood of something happening as nil, zero, zilch, the big goose egg. This despite the fact that Ben Franklin thought the turkey actually a more respectable bird than the...READ MORE

  • Nobody know the troubles I’ve seen…and nobody ever will

    Posted on September 30 2010


    Jesus’ half brother James states in his book to “count it all joy when you fall into various trials.” Why? Because it produces patience, makes you complete and perfect, lacking nothing. (James 1:2-4) Isn’t that the end desire for all of us? To be patient, complete and lacking nothing? That’s exactly the type of material that we fervently publish and...READ MORE

  • Here Comes the Mirror Man

    Posted on September 22 2010


    All of us look in a mirror at least once or twice a day. We do this to ensure our appearance is presentable before we venture out to interact in public. Mirrors aren’t the only things that manifest our reality.  Children are an image of their parents. Gail Lumet Buckley said, “Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who...READ MORE

  • Atmosphere Creator or Sucker?

    Posted on September 15 2010


    My father, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, famously said, “Atmosphere doesn’t come out of thin air. Somebody has to create atmosphere!” Many of us drift through careers and relationships wondering how they are going to make us feel, as if we are at an oxygen bar sampling its wares. What we fail to understand is that we are the originators of the...READ MORE

  • Should Leaders Have Expiration Dates?

    Posted on September 08 2010

    During my years in the Air Force, the military made it a priority to keep its commanders moving in and out of various positions. The standard tour for a commander was two years after which you would move to a new assignment and the next officer would fill your shoes via a change of command ceremony. I came to love...READ MORE

  • The Paradox of Failure

    Posted on September 01 2010


    I hate to fail as much as the next person. I struggle with remembering painful mistakes of my past yet I enjoy the wisdom I’ve gained from them. They say you should forget the experience but embrace the results. They also say success is the best trainer. Yet to get to any goal or epiphany you’ve got to cross the...READ MORE

  • Un-Transformational Leadership

    Posted on August 27 2010


    People crave great leadership. It’s essential to get this country back on its feet in so many ways. There is so much great information out there about how to become a really transformative leader. The question is: why are there so few great leaders? In the past, I’ve left several companies for greater opportunities, but the real reason I departed...READ MORE

  • Does Your Rut Runneth Over?

    Posted on August 23 2010


    It’s tough to get the momentum to get things done. It’s difficult to develop the day in and day out habits that will enable us to meet high goals. I get asked a lot about what our mission is, what our goals are and what will enable us to reach them. I’ve filled out strategic plans and mission statements ad...READ MORE

  • Jesus is my GPS

    Posted on August 19 2010


    I was driving to Upstate NY recently and listening to an excellent program about the importance of developing a life-long monetary strategy that keeps directing you to the end goal and rerouting you when and if needed. They referred to this as a financial GPS which would ensure you stayed true to your goals and were able to adeptly navigate...READ MORE

  • Don’t be Ridicule-ous

    Posted on August 10 2010

    New ideas are always met with ridicule because they go against our previously held notions and beliefs. Ridicule is not about expressing disagreement. In many cases, it involves exhibiting outright hostility and persecution towards the bearer of the new idea. I met with author Bernie Petrina who pointed out that sometimes we choose to ridicule differences in opinions by making them the brunt of...READ MORE

  • Give your client time to marinate, not stew!

    Posted on August 05 2010


    I recently moved into a lovely historic home that had everything I wanted except energy efficient windows. Being a good project manager, I went out for multiple bids and began doing my research on the Internet. Many of my past jobs involved me finding qualified contractors to complete a job on schedule, on budget, and to a quality standard. After...READ MORE

  • I Keep on Truckin’ Because I’m Just Passin’ Through

    Posted on August 02 2010


    I recently had a conversation with a friend about a timeshare they owned in Outer Banks, NC. They said they did not get to spend as much time there as they’d like. When I asked them if they had considered moving there permanently when they retired they gave me an interesting response. The neighbors who lived there full time told...READ MORE

  • Ready to Make Nice

    Posted on July 30 2010

    Who taught you how to play nice? Was it your parents or your teachers? Did you read a book on manners? Did anyone teach you? John Wanamaker was known as “The Merchant Prince” because he was the prince of courtesy in his relationships with his customers. John Wanamaker was a keen observer of human activity. He was a shy and...READ MORE

  • The Summer of My Discontent

    Posted on July 27 2010


    I moved back home one year ago to oversee the family business. Stepping into the role of President, daughter, sister, and child of a legend has been both exhilarating and petrifying. The first year consisted of getting into the ledgers, understanding who does what and how to best change the world one book at a time. I’ve hired various folks...READ MORE

  • Communication is Tremendous!

    Posted on July 19 2010

    Communication is the greatest gift we have. It’s the cornerstone to defining a great leader. You can’t be a leader if you are unable to communicate effectively. I grew up listening to the greatest speakers of our times. Listening to them and thinking with them was the defining influence in my life. Demosthenes once said, “As a vessel is known...READ MORE

  • It’s Not the Glass Ceiling, It’s the Jackass Ceiling

    Posted on July 16 2010


    As a woman in the workplace, I cringe every time someone uses the term “woman in the workplace”. Having traveled with my father since I was a toddler, and having been exposed to thousands of meetings, I was truly gender blind. I had heard about this mythical glass ceiling but had never actually considered its reality. Alex Thien said, “The...READ MORE

  • Obedience is Bliss

    Posted on July 12 2010


    They say ignorance is bliss, but I never really bought into this. Ignorance of the law is no excuse so how can living life blindly be an option? Ignorance can cost you your life, your job, your health, or your dreams. There is a time, however, to be blissfully unconcerned with how every detail is going to work out; and that...READ MORE

  • Guaranteed ROI

    Posted on June 29 2010

    When my father passed in 2008, he left my Mother well cared for and a business that supported a Foundation of scholarships for schools, homeless shelters and missions groups.  He left us with no debt and the tremendous opportunity to generate money for those who need it. He did not leave money to his children, which was a wise decision....READ MORE

  • How to REALLY win friends and influence people….and grow your business

    Posted on June 24 2010


    We’ve been told to always have an agenda when you occupy someone’s time. But what would our interactions be like if we just went to have a cup of coffee, or participate in a mastermind session, or attend a business luncheon and we had NO agenda. Call me naïve’ but I assume if someone calls me up and wants to...READ MORE

  • Are You Willing to Pay the Price of Leadership?

    Posted on June 22 2010


    If I had a nickel for every word I’ve read, heard or spoken about Leadership I’d be retired many times over except for the fact that leaders never retire! So what is so hard about this topic that it is always at the forefront of talk radio, bestseller lists, and sermons? I think one of life’s greatest challenges, if not...READ MORE

  • I’m On a Permanent Vacation!

    Posted on June 17 2010


    I grew up with a father who rarely took a “traditional” vacation. He had such a burning desire to do what he was doing that to stop doing it for even a day would have killed him! Our summer “vacations” consisted of being packed up in varying sizes of RVs full of luggage, numerous siblings, two adults, and many cases...READ MORE

  • I have met the enemy and it is me!

    Posted on June 14 2010


    What if you had five dollars in your hand and somebody said they’d give you a thousand? Of course you’d gladly release your grasp of what you currently had in hand for something much greater. In nerd terms one of the properties of matter is that two solids cannot occupy the same space. In layman terms this means until we...READ MORE

  • Blame-O-Rama!!

    Posted on June 10 2010


    What’s up with all the blaming going on? I’ve never seen so much of it in the media and in the offices of those we elected as I do now. I know, I know, Hubert H. Humphrey once said, “To err is human. To blame it on someone else is politics”, but this is embarrassing! While we may chuckle at...READ MORE

  • Man, You’re Really Buggin’ Me!!

    Posted on June 07 2010


    I listened to an interesting and timely sermon this past Sunday that revolved around enjoying the people in your life. Oy Vey! It started with a quote from leadership guru Peter Drucker, who said that the number one characteristic of CEOs, of leaders, is that they enjoy other people. This immediately made me laugh because I can clearly remember my...READ MORE

  • Every Day is Memorial Day

    Posted on May 31 2010


    Memorial Day ranks as one of the most important days of the year for Americans. It stands as a reminder of those who have paid the ultimate price in securing the freedoms that we enjoy in our great country. My father used to say that he could write a book about what was wrong with America, but he could write...READ MORE

  • Are You Scared of Being Alone?

    Posted on May 17 2010


    Last week I mentioned a mastermind panel that I was privileged to be a part of. The two most prevalent questions were, “how do I find my passion?” and “how do I deal with others’ lack of support?” We covered the first question in our previous blog and this week I’d like to discuss a bit about how to handle...READ MORE

  • Are You There Passion? It's Me, Tracey!

    Posted on May 13 2010


    I was at an event this past weekend where I was part of a mastermind panel discussion. The discussion revolved around two main issues; how do you find your passion and what do you do when those closest to you don’t support your passion. I’ll deal with the first issue in this blog. I was intrigued by the number of...READ MORE

  • If business is war, then why don’t we train for it?

    Posted on May 06 2010

    The month of May always brings to my mind thoughts of my time in the military. There’s Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day, two times when we as a nation reflect on the service of our military members past and present. The military taught me many things: how to eat square meals, how to make a bed so tight you...READ MORE

  • What to Feed Your Mind, Heart and Soul

    Posted on May 03 2010


    There’s an old adage that says for science and technology read the newest, but for literature read the oldest. The classics are always modern. I have always found this to be true. John Lubbock said, “The choice of books, like that of friends, is a serious duty. We are as responsible for what we read as what we do.” Deciding...READ MORE

  • How to Eat a Book

    Posted on April 29 2010

    Edmund Burke said, “To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” He’s right. I’ve gotten many a stomach ache after reading  junk, but the real meaty stuff feeds my soul. First thing to recognize when eating a book is that you have definiteness of purpose in selecting what you read. Is it to become a better salesperson, a better leader,...READ MORE

  • 3 Cures for Reading Deficit Disorder (RDD)

    Posted on April 26 2010

    RDD is a serious but treatable affliction. Symptoms of RDD include lack of vision, shortness of new ideas, lameness of the brain and thumbsucking. The job of a leader is to consistently get better vision along with the ability to execute. It is not a choice, it is a responsibility. If reading is learning and learning is living, then reading...READ MORE

  • Leaders are Readers

    Posted on April 20 2010


    Times are tough, budgets are tight and great leaders are a dying breed. Great! Napoleon Hill said, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” So today we are going to talk about one of the many ways that we can plant the seeds of a great harvest through reading great...READ MORE

  • Bots Like Change…Why Don’t We?

    Posted on April 15 2010

    I recently attended a webinar given by my friends at Decade30, Benjamin Bachman and Austin Meadows. One of the bullets on their presentation stated “Search Engines Love Change” which caught my ear immediately because you rarely hear the words love and change in the same sentence (other than “I love to resist/thwart/sabotage change!”). Search Engines love change because they reflect...READ MORE

  • Are Past Reflections Healthy?

    Posted on April 12 2010


    I spent the last few days in Saint Louis. It’s a great time to see friends and frequent my favorite haunts. It’s also a chance to catch up on how things are going at previous job locations. Nothing stays the same and each manager puts their own particular spin (even a lack thereof) on the daily operations. So when I...READ MORE

  • How to Read

    Posted on April 08 2010


    Statistics show that the number of people who read has dropped considerably in recent decades. It’s easier to fill our time and minds with other input such as TV, the Internet, or movies. Since you are reading this blog, you are a “reader”. And there is one thing I know about you… that you are probably a “leader”. Anyone who...READ MORE

  • Exposure to Experience

    Posted on April 05 2010


    There’s an old adage about life that goes like this. A young man asked his mentor how he achieved success. The old timer replied, “Good judgment.” The young man then asked how his mentor achieved good judgment to which the old timer answered, “Experience.” Not to be deterred the young man then queried, “Well, how do you get experience?” The...READ MORE

  • Butterfly Leadership

    Posted on April 01 2010

    Believe it or not, leaders morph just like the rest of us. They evolve with every decision, opportunity or crisis. Many leadership books state that a leader must be an effective change agent. They must be at the forefront with the “main idea”, garnering support and rallying the troops. The first thing leaders must change, however, is themselves. This is...READ MORE

  • Production to Perfection

    Posted on March 29 2010

    Albert E.N. Gray wrote in his classic The New Common Denominator of Success, that to be a success you simply have to form the habit of doing things that others don’t like to do.  While decision making is the soil for success, the water that makes the seeds of greatness grow is action. For all my years in the military...READ MORE

  • The Law of Leadership: Unlike Matter, Success Can Be Created or Destroyed

    Posted on March 25 2010

    The Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only change forms in which its energy is redistributed. But this basic Law of Physics, although integral in understanding all things in the physical realm, has little to do with anything that makes us distinctly human. Those mechanics are far more...READ MORE

  • Make "Now" the "Next" Great Thing

    Posted on March 22 2010


    We hear a lot about employees lamenting how they could really be successful if they were just in the right job. They yearn for the elusive greener professional pastures. I know because I’ve been guilty of this self defeating behavior many times throughout my career. We waste so much time worrying about whether or not we are in the right...READ MORE

  • You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Drink….Or Can You?

    Posted on March 16 2010

    Charlie “Tremendous” Jones used to say, “You may not be able to make a horse drink, but you can put salt in his oats and make him thirsty!”  A large percentage of his parenting time was spent on developing an appetite for reading in his children. He tried various methods of making us thirsty; from paying money for book reports...READ MORE

  • A Tale of Two Rabbits

    Posted on March 08 2010

    I once heard it said, “If you chase two rabbits, both of them will get away.” I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. It says a great deal about the importance of being “all in” and focused on a singular goal. But this time last year, I was faced with a situation where I was struggling with honing in on one...READ MORE

  • Why Can’t I Be More Like (Insert Name Here)

    Posted on March 04 2010


    I like working my way up the ladder. It’s fair and egalitarian. I never accepted a favor or a bump up because of who I knew or what my last name was and I shuddered when I saw it happen to others. I would interview for a position and then work to make it mine. But when my father passed...READ MORE

  • My Parents took my TV away!!!

    Posted on March 01 2010


    A not so funny thing happened to me in the 9th grade. My parents took all the TV’s in the house and locked them upstairs in the attic. Now this was in the mid to late 70’s so there were no iPods, no computers, no other options! Can you imagine the horror!! They said that “leaders are readers” and that...READ MORE

  • The New Common Denominator of Success

    Posted on February 25 2010


    Everyone wants to be successful in life. For some, it is achieving status or accolades at work. For others, it is reaching a weight loss goal to increase longevity and health. Well, I’m going to tell you in one sentence how to achieve success.  First, I’ll tell you what it isn’t. The key to success isn’t hard work, birthright, or...READ MORE

  • Growing up Tremendous

    Posted on February 22 2010


    When I was growing up my Dad, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, would often take me on speaking engagements with him. When I was small enough for him to still pick me up in his arms, he would call me up on stage at the end of his presentation and, stepping up to the microphone, would ask me a couple of questions....READ MORE

  • It's All About Jesus

    Posted on February 18 2010


    The last project I had worked on with my father, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, before his homegoing was It’s All About Jesus, a compilation of hymns, scriptures, poems, and stories, as well as testimonies from Dad, Ken Blanchard, and Bob Phillips. I could tell that Dad was putting this off but was not sure why; however, with cancer in its final...READ MORE

  • Welcome to Tremendous Life Books Blog

    Posted on February 13 2010


    Welcome to our blog for book lovers and people who are interested in connecting with Tracey Jones of Tremendous Life Books. You can follow us via updates as well as offer your suggestions and reviews on our books.    Feel free to leave your thoughts and encourage others as we work together to change lives one book at a time....READ MORE

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