Perfecting the Puzzle: Building a Team You’ll Want to Keep Forever

Tremendous Leadership - Perfecting the Puzzle - Building a Team You’ll Want to Keep ForeverThe hardest thing in the world is finding the right people to surround yourself with; in business, in play, and in love. No matter how good you or your idea is, if you do not have the right people in your inner circle, your life will be a series of misfires and broken dreams. That’s because it takes a village to create and execute an action plan. And that means that everyone on your team has to have that delicate balance of the supreme trinity; part creative, part organizer, part technician. Now I totally agree that each of us brings different strengths to the table and we complement each other’s areas of weakness. However, to truly build that team of all teams, you’ve got to have individuals who are fully motivated to step in and out of each of those three roles as circumstances require.

Another key to building the team of all teams is to make sure you are “equally yoked.” This means that when you are all harnessed up together to pull the load, you are moving in the same direction. Don’t worry if you have a hard charger, only if you have a bum steer. It’s easier to throw water on a hot potato than to light a fire under a wet blanket.

Tremendous Leadership - Perfecting the Puzzle - Building a Team You’ll Want to Keep ForeverSecond, make sure everyone wants to play in your particular sandbox, and they aren’t busy staring off across the playground wishing they were in someone’s else’s. You also want to make sure that everyone believes in and wants the success of the idea as much, if not more, than you do. And if you’re wondering how you know if this is the case, first of all, ask them. You’ll be able to tell by the responses given if this is your dream team or if you need to keep searching.

Here is the hard truth that you need to confront when you are ready. If you have a team that has been comprised of the same individuals for more than two years and you are not making any progress, you have the wrong people on the team. Successful execution does take time, but you should be able to track some type of incremental momentum at least. Now if you’re like me, you’ll try everything from cajoling, to doomsday messaging, to reshuffling the deck. But please believe me when I tell you, you’re wasting your time. And time is the one thing businesses in this globalized, technology driven,operational  speed of light atmosphere do not have.

So in the end, the only real ‘magic’ involved in building your forever team, is your self-awareness and ability to take the action you know you need to take. The biggest change I see in today’s businesses is the absolute need for creativity. In the past, we relied heavily on executors. Today, the future belongs to those who can solve problems that have yet to be seen. Leadership alone no longer makes the cut. What’s needed is a combination of disciplined leadership and deep discernment which cultivates the intuition, conviction, and courage to build that team of a lifetime. May we all have the tenacity and hope to never stop looking for it or nourishing it once we find it.

Tremendous Leadership - Tremendous Tracey - Author, Speaker and Leadership Expert

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