What Have You Done For You Lately?

We need you to be at the top of your game. Here are three simple tips to keep you in tremendous form.

Take Steps to ACT: We sure can talk a good game but too often when it's time for us to suit up and charge onto the field many of us are sitting on the sidelines with our shoes untied. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is found in James 1:22, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only.” There’s a world of difference between being taught and being caught. During an interview I had this past weekend with Eli Marcus, he asked me a question about people who are avid personal development fans but can't seem to get out of their chairs and actively apply and engage in what they're hearing. Absorbing is the first step. Next, you have to adapt and metabolize what you've listened to and then you can aspire to the next level. You must implement a system that enables you to take you where you want to go and devise a viable flight plan to get you there.

What one step are you going to take today that will move you forward?

Get Counsel and ASK: Those of you who have heard me speak recently know that truth in grace is my mantra for life. We need to ask people whom we respect for their input.  Many times after I've discovered I've made a poor decision, someone will say to me they knew it was a wrong choice. When I wonder why they didn't tell me, I realized that I had never actually asked them for their input before I made the decision. There's a fine line between speaking truth in love and allowing someone the latitude to make their own mistakes. Many of us will not share any truth in love unless specifically asked. So, make sure you routinely and repeatedly ask for specific feedback from your mentors before you make any change, and not after.

 What one person are you going to call and ask advice from on an issue you’ve been dealing with?

Read Books to ADD: To get something you’ve never had, you’ll need to do something you’ve never done. That’s why viewing life as one long learning experience is imperative. You’ll never know when life will present an opportunity that entails executing a skill set that you’ve never done before. It’s important to be ready for when these situations present themselves. You are going to have to expand your mind, shift your paradigms, and alter your current schedule. You’re going to have to push something off your plate that is no longer value added so that you can make room for a heaping helping of something more nourishing and useful. As my father used to say, "Everything that touches your life makes you a more deeply motivated person." The same holds true for becoming a more deeply unmotivated person. If something or someone is not adding to your life, it needs to be subtracted for good.

What one book are you going to read today that can give you a new thought or idea?

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones was a world-renowned motivator. But even he realized that true motivation is an inside job. Check out his life changing classic, The Mystery of Self-Motivation and learn how you can stay in tremendous form today and every day.

Lisen to Tracey’s full interview with Eli Marcus here: Link to podcast http://party934podcasts.com/download.php?file=The_Motivation_Show_March_10_2018.mp3

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Wes Smeigh

Wes Smeigh


Thanks for your thoughts and advice on the 3/11/18 blog. The acronym AAAR, Act, Ask, Add & Repeat reminds me of the 5 P’s, Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. Mentors and Accountability Partners are so very important as we move thought life, personal and professional, keeping us on track accomplishing our goals for a better life for all.
I have found that ‘ACT’ is the difficult step without the encouragement of mentors and accountability partners. The ‘evil one’ throws curveballs at us daily, the help and direction of mentors and accountability partners can make the difference between success and disappointment.

Looking forward to reading your next blog!

Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly

Tell your Mom I’m praying for her, and please give her my love

Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly

Great! Three easy to remember little words, and lots of wise advice on using them. Many thanks and blessings!

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